Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What's The Key To Attracting Your Offline Prospects To Your Email List?

In the beginning of my new training series I talk about how I would walk the floor and get people to allow me to give them a free training session. That in itself is a key to getting new prospects to your business and on your list.

My sister is a new author and wanted to know how to get people to Amazon to buy her first book. I told her to give it away. If it’s a good book, then you will not have to motivate someone to purchase the sequel. As a matter of fact, they will be eagerly awaiting the second book if they like the first book. Especially if their is a cliffhanger.

So how do you decide what to give away and what to sell? Give away something of value that is connected to something else your customer might want.

In my case, if my customer likes me teaching them how to build a Fan Page, then they might want a complete social media and web marketing system built for them.

"If you truly look at your business, you have a lot to offer."

 In the beginning of my online marketing career, I gave away a 15 session training series for free. That was tough to do, but as I was working on that project,

I learned so much more about video marketing by doing that. If you sell your product or services online, offer a free gift or download that will help your customers. Always think about your customers and find out more about what they need.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Famous Power "Comeback" Phrase | Fun

Oh, rubbish!  You have no power here. Be gone, before somebody drops a house on you, too. 

When you run across those bullies who  threaten you with words, here is a perfect comeback that I have always loved.

At least it makes me feel powerful. :)

"Oh, rubbish! You have no power here. Be gone before somebody drops a house on you too!" 
 - Glinda The Good Witch

Just sayin.

Have an awesome week!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Making The Perfect Call To Build Network Marketing Leads

Most network marketing companies are still using offline strategies to build network marketing leads and it can still work very well. That's if you know how to make the perfect call. Well almost perfect.

Many of us go into the office on the day of our presentation and kind of mill around and chat with each other about nothing, really to simply avoid getting on the phone.

But have you ever been hanging around in the office when your team leader pops in and says "Let's make some calls?” Then she asks “Let's see if you can schedule a couple of appointments in the next few minutes because tomorrow just opened up for me and I have some free time...You do have your list with you, don't you?"

Now your nerves are in your throat. You swallow hard. The heart palpitations follow. You fidget and fiddle around like your back in elementary school or something. "What's the matter with me?" you scold yourself. "I'm an adult and this is not even a salaried job! Why am I behaving like this?"

Why? Because it's natural to be nervous about making a cold call to a friend or foe. Who wants to pick up the phone and make a call to some poor unsuspecting friend to invite them to something or sell them something? It's not novel anymore. Everybody and their great uncle is in an MLM.

So you look through your list and find the easiest, brokest, most un-busy buddy you have. (Well, I did.) The one that's not gonna be any trouble. They're what you call your "2am emergency contact". Or they owe you money.

None-the-less, you really just need to look good on the phone and impress your team leader by setting something quickly. That way, when you set it, you can give the the old twisted-grin-wink with the thumbs up.

Ok, so why not try another approach.
Take control of your marketing so you are ready next time that happens. You wanna look good don't you? Ok then. Here's the upgraded version of what has worked for me before:

  • Put your top 10 most qualified contacts in your database

  • Review and upgrade your list each week. Yes, throw the duds out.

  • Think about each person who is on your list and how they communicate. What do they like? What do they talk about? The cool thing is that now you can look them up on social media and find out.

  • Make notes on a separate page about each one and update it weekly.

  • Then contact your team leader and ask her to contact you when she has a cancellation. Now you're in the drivers seat...sort of.

  • Get together with her to make the calls. Remember she has free time, she may as well spend it training you.

  • When she gets there, pull up your well-prepared notes in your contact database and dial with confidence.

Since you have recently been on your prospects social media sites, you know what they are doing, what they're working on and talking about, so there's your small talk.

Then, roll easily into your by-the-way-are-you-busy-right-now-or-is tomorrow-better appointment setting spiel, and go knock it out of the park.

Oh yeah, now when you ask your friend for referrals, their list is sitting right there on their Facebook page. How cool is that?

Now go build your own team, rinse and repeat.

Talk to you soon.

LD Grice (In revision Spring 2018)